Cannes, France

Cannes Lions

Cannes, France

Showcased at the Cannes Lions Creativity Festival, Goals House at Cannes emerges as a vibrant hub that brings together innovative thinkers and industry leaders.

At Goals House, a three-day agenda unfolds, featuring events dedicated to the various goals. The journey typically begins with a focus on Goal 5, Gender Equality, where esteemed speakers challenge harmful gender norms and champion intersectional solutions. The community participating is testament to the diversity and influence of the festival, ranging from CEOs and Goodwill Ambassadors to comedians, authors, producers, and activists.

As we move forward, the focus of Goals House at Cannes Lions evolves to reflect the transformative juncture at which businesses, products, and consumers find themselves. The aim is to examine these sweeping changes and channel disruptions towards a sustainable future.


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